Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Speaking at GDC Europe 20th August

I'll be speaking at this month's upcoming GDC Europe conference in Cologne, as part of the Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit, on the subject of Getting Physical with Tablet Multiplayer.

The talk takes place at 10:05am on Tuesday 20th August.

My talk takes a look at the exciting play opportunities created by sharing one tablet between multiple players. Taking lessons from games inclduing Fingle, Chicanery and O - as well as my own Slamjet Stadium and Greedy Bankers - it explores the way the physical surroundings and human body become part of the playspace, and how encouraging physical interaction between players creates a memorable, even intimate, social experience. It also asks how this heavily social kind of play could see itself spread in the future, both as touchscreen technology evolves, and as a way of deepening social engagement in communities.

More information is on the GDC Europe talk listing.

Let me know if you're there - I'd love to see you come along!


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